Live Church,

This Sunday the Lord is guiding me to address a particularly sensitive, but important topic that is heavily influencing society right now.  In line with our expositional work on Ephesians 5:15-Ephesians 6:4 we are presented with an opportunity to Biblically evaluate an important topic affecting all of us at some level.

This Sunday I will be specifically addressing transgenderism, gender identity, gender dysphoria and such topics.  In my address on these issues, I will need to step into some content that is directly addressing sexual behaviors.

I have asked Pastor Troy to keep the youth in the sanctuary, as this affects them significantly.  However, as always on topics of this genre, I will lean to each parent’s discernment regarding what their child is ready to hear.  Ultimately you are the parent, and each child is different.  I respect that.  Though at the same time, I would encourage you to give thoughtful consideration in allowing them to hear the sermon.  I will not be saying anything that is likely not talked about within the social constructs of their friends and social environments on a daily basis.

If you have any questions about the sermon or need any information to make a decision as a parent and primary discipleship provider for your child… please reach out to me directly.

 – Pastor Josh Troester