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LiveTV is an online system aimed at bringing digital content and community to disciples of Jesus anywhere at anytime.

LiveTV includes a 24-hour streaming channel of Gospel content, a weekly worship presentation in 5 different languages, and live services using the latest in communication technologies.

A weekly worship presentation broken into sections and presented in five different languages.

An online social network designed to provide a place where believer’s can be encouraged, discipled, and edified online.

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House Church

Church the way it was designed to naturally operate.  Small gatherings of believers in home or informal locations worshipping, fellowshipping, and studying together.


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LiveU (Live Univeristy) is a discipleship system of classes that seek to disciple believers and train them up in the faith and the Word of God.  LiveU classes are free and available to anyone.


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LiveTV is a multi-faceted media platform designed to bring the Gospel to everyone in digital formats while retaining our mission to build community.